Sunday, February 10, 2013

"How do you use technology to promote your online workshops, consultation and communities" conference summary

I attended the “How do you use technology to promote your online workshops, consultation and communities” by Sylvia Guinan on Sunday, February 3. I was surprised at how many people attended this conference from different parts of the world. I did not have any technical difficulties in the beginning, but I started to lose connection half way through. I thought that the presenter rushed through some of the slides. I had to pause and read the slides a few times and go back and watch some parts over again. In this conference, I learned how to effectively promote myself through technology. One of the things I learned in this conference is the dragonfly effect and its four principles, which are: focus, engage, grab and action. The first challenge when you are promoting your workshops is to reach out to people. People often think its spam, so when we reach out to people, we have to show them that we can solve their problems. Engagement is a challenge because we need to somehow engage strangers. Grab is the fun part because this is when you can be creative to grab attention.  Action is probably the hardest principle because this is when you need to ask for money.  We need to get people to click on the link and pay for the service. I learned the 10 steps to promoting workshops, classes and courses: The inner game/psychology, platforms, blogs, websites, social media, Email marketing/clickbank , traditional,  word of mouth, communication skills, writing skills, sticky content and organizational skills and the three vital ingredients for each stage: word of mouth, psychology, and emotion. I think it is extremely important to believe in yourself and your product, keep people engaged and help people.  I learned a lot in this conference and will use the tips in the future!

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