Friday, April 19, 2013

Interactive and Collaborative Learning 4/7/2013

April 7, 2013

The article, Connecting Two worlds: Collaboration between Higher Education and Cooperative Learning by Elliott Masie is about college students and corporations collaborating to learn from each other. College students and corporations both face rapidly changing technology base. “Higher education and corporate learning are ideal candidates for ongoing collaboration. Yet these two worlds are almost 99 percent disconnected.” Colleges and corporations can benefit from being connected for video collaboration. For example:

- Plasma screens in the classroom showing experts can make for debate in the classroom.
-       An English professor might have the ability to do a ten-minute video visit to an editor’s office at a news magazine for a video conversation about editing and copy proofing.
-       Alumni could add themselves to a list of coaches who are willing to work with students for interviews with potential employees.

After reading the Georgetown University website, I learned the university was looking for ways to improve their teacher and learning. They effectively started using technology.
 Students at Georgetown effectively use technology to enhance their learning by: allowing students to connect with diverse cultural perspectives and experts around the word, helping students learn to write critically and communicate effectively using today’s media, providing a highly-interactive learning environment of meaningful feedback, whether socially through blogs or through computer-based adaptive systems, teaching research skills to explore the words challenges, teaching students how to work with and interpret data, bringing real life issues into classroom through readings, guest speakers discussions projects, pushing students to reflect on their lives and making personal connections, extending classroom discussion and reflection into community-based work. I think that all colleges should take advantage of today’s technology. As an elementary school teacher, I would use technology in the classroom to connect with diverse students and experts from around the world.

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